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"Svoy Pocherk" Company together with Federal Fund for Social and Economic Support of the national cinema, Russian State Film Fund, Community of Bar city, Film-Makers Union of Russian Federation, Film professionals Union of Montenegro, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Montenegro in Russian Federation, Montenegrin Companies "Linas" and "Longrun Invest", center of Russian Language and Culture "VOZROZHDENIE" and "Monte Casa" hotel from September,10 to September,16 holds the Film Festival "DAYS OF RUSSIAN CINEMA IN MONTENEGRO-2011", which already became traditional for Montenegrin filmgoers.

In 2011 the Film Festival is held as part of celebration of important anniversary - 300 years of political relations of Russia and Montenegro. Film Festival "DAYS OF RUSSIAN CINEMA IN MONTENEGRO-2011" is included by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation in plan of events covering the celebration of this anniversary.

Films will be shown in Cultural Center of Bar and in Gymnasium named after Danila Kish in Budva.

In the program of Film Festival there are new feature and animation films of Russian film-makers. In these days meetings of viewers with directors and actors presenting their films will take place. Also there will be round tables of film-makers of our countries and workshops in Cinema Academy of Cetinje.

Traditionally in one of Festival`s days organizers and sponsors hold Charity Action for Montenegrin children.

In program of film demonstration they also included newsreel which will acquaint viewers with most important milestones in goodwill and political relations between our nations, the moments of which are imprinted on celluloid.

Among participants of Film Festival - director, head of Film-Makers Union of Russian Federation, People's Artist of Russian Federation Nikita Mikhalkov, theatrical and film director, script writer, People's Artist of RSFSR Sergey Yursky (films "Love and Pigeons", "The Little Golden Calf", "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed" and others); professor of VGIK film school, head of sub department of animation film direction, scriptwriter, People's Artist of Russian Federation, Honored Arts Worker of Russia, twice Laureate of State Prize of Russia Andrey Khrzhanovsky (author of animation films "The House That Jack Built", "Lion with grey beard", "Butterfly" and others), director of film "Quirks", son of worldwide famous artist, director and scriptwriter Rezo Gabriadze (scriptwriter of films "Mimino", "Kin-dza-dza!", "Don`t Grieve!", "Passport") - Levan Gabriadze; People's Artist of Russian Federation, Laureate of State Prize of Russia Nina Usatova (she became famous after the role of Deaf-mute in the film "Cold Summer of 1953", then she acted in films "Muslim", "Caucasian Roulette", "The Island" - 66 films in all; for the role of priest`s wife Alevtina in the film "The Priest" she was awarded of "Golden Eagle" prize for the best female supporting role); People's Artist of Russian Federation Nina Ruslanova who acted in 142 films (the most famous are "Shadows vanish in Noon", "Winter Cherry", "Kin-dza-dza!", "The Dog`s Heart" and others. For role in film "Chinese Grandmother" Ruslanova was awarded with "Nika" prize for the best female role).

The films which will be demonstrated in Montenegro are translated into Montenegrin language and will be shown with subtitles.


"Burnt by the Sun 2: Citadel". Film by director Nikita Mikhalkov, continuation of the films "Burnt by the Sun" and "Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus". 1943, height of Great Patriotic War. Mitya (Oleg Menshikov) found Kotov (Nikita Mikhalkov) in penal battalion standing near the walls of some impregnable Citadel. Drunk General Melezhko gave the battalion an order to attack the fortress, although it was certain death for them. Kotov noticed Mitya and did not want to meet him, so he went into the assault with his battalion a little earlier, and Mitya had to go into heavy fire of enemy because anti-retreat soldiers did not let him back in trench. But neither Kotov no Mitya were killed or injured. After the battle Mitya told Kotov about all that he had done and gave him a gun. Kotov did not kill Mitya. Then Mitya informed him that he was rehabilitated and promoted to the rank of lieutenant general. So General Kotov paid for restoration of his good name with his crippled life. He went back to his home, recollection of which gave him forces to bear all these awful years. But the things that he saw in his home shocked him. All has changed, his fragile world has been ruined. And Kotov has to struggle again. For his name, for his honor, for his Citadel

"Belka and Strelka. Star dogs" is the first Russian full-length computer animation film for children with an opportunity to view it in 3D. Directors: Svyatoslav Ushakov and Inna Evlannikova. Film is based on real events, it is timed to 50th anniversary of flight of mongrels Belka and Strelka on Soviet space ship "Sputnik 5".

"A Room and a Half, or a Sentimental Journey to the Homeland". It is a fantasy based on prose of great poet, laureate of Nobel Prize Joseph Brodsky. Poet`s childhood and youth, episodes of his life in emigration, imaginary journey to St. Petersburg, laugh and tears excited by playing of great actors Sergey Yursky and Alisa Freindlich, original animation by a living classic of this genre Andrey Khrzhanovsky, unique newsreel - all of these a viewer can see in "A Room and a Half, or a Sentimental Journey to the Homeland".

"Chinese Grandmother". Director Vladimir Tumaev. All the events of this comedy happen in small provincial town, in the yard of old house, which has not been repaired for a long time. The characters of the film are men of modest means, pensioners, whose income is their pension only. And all their thoughts are about "how to survive". Then to one of heroines her sister comes. She is keen on Chinese culture, studies feng shui, adores all these spices and silk cloths. Living in old house, this Chinese Grandmother turns life of old men and women upside down and transforms it into holiday. Actors: Nina Ruslanova, Irina Muravyova, Aleksandr Mikhailov, Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Kira Kreylis-Petrova.

"The Priest". The new film of Vladimir Khotinenko tells about Pskov Orthodox Mission. During Great Patriotic War Baltic priests revived church life on occupied territories from Pskov to Leningrad. "We know nothing about life in occupation. We know about heroic resistance, but about everyday life - nothing. Although 50 millions people lived that life, without any information, not knowing who is likely to win a victory. And I devote my film to that people".

Prototype of the film`s main character is father Aleksey Ionov, who during the war helped partisans, sheltered Jews, gave clothes and food to prisoners of concentration camp Salaspils. He adopted eight children who lost parents, and his wife Alevtina supported him in all his deeds.

"It is not only story of priest`s feat, that missioners performed every day, it is also tale about love of father Aleksandr and Alevtina, - scriptwriter Aleksandr Segen tells. - Yet there has not been such a love story in cinematograph".

For the roles of main characters director invited Sergey Makovetsky and Nina Usatova, and at first some things seemed difficult. Director did not see any other actor playing father Aleksandr, but Sergey Makovetsky was younger than his character and Khotinenko do not like artificial "making older". As a result the main character`s age was brought nearer to the actor`s. "Also I was a little afraid that Sergey and Nina Usatova, who plays the priest` wife, will not be harmonious together, - the director tells. - But it turned out that they are a splendid couple!"

"Quirks". New romantic comedy by director Levon Gabriadze is not likely to amaze a viewer with original idea or intricate storyline. But a viewer can truly enjoy himself and admire at beautiful Milla Jovovich who speaks Russian with her funny accent and sings "Svadba! Svadba!" Star of blockbusters "The Fifth Element" and "Resident Evil" acted in Russian romantic comedy with pleasure in spite of some difficulties with memorizing Russian text. Milla`s mother, famous soviet actress Galina Loginova, also acted in the comedy.
Konstantin Khabensky played role of provincial teacher who came to Moscow and met his love Nadya (Jovovich). Ivan Urgant played role of former Nadya`s fianc?, who is ready for any quirks for his love. It seems that the story is classical, but circumstances change - happy Slava Kolotilov (Khabensky) is mistaken for football trainer of his native town Palchiki (literally in Russian - "little fingers") and it makes him to put off the wedding "just a day later". Consequences are unpredictable


Bar, Culture Center, Jovan Tomashevich St., 57
September, 10. Press-conference (King Nikola`s Palace, 16.30)
September, 11. Ceremonial opening of Film Festival, 19.00. Film "Burnt by the Sun 2: Citadel", director Nikita Mikhalkov, 2011, 126min.
September, 12. 19.00 film "the Priest", director Vladimir Khotinenko, 2010, 123min.
September, 13. 19.00 film "A Room and a Half, or a Sentimental Journey to the Homeland", director Andrey Khrzhanovsky, 2009, 130min.
September, 14. 19.00 film "Chinese Grandmother", director Vladimir Tumaev, 2010, 83min.
September, 15. 19-00 animation film "Belka and Strelka. Star dogs", directors Svyatoslav Ushakov and Inna Evlannikova, 2010, 85min.
September, 16. 19.00 Closing of the Film Festival. Film "Quirks", director Levon Gabriadze, 2011, 97min

Directorate of the Film Festival retain the right to change the date of demonstration.

Contacts of press-center of Film Festival in Montenegro:

PR-director of Film Festival Alina Banovich +382 69666424,, Skype: Lina S


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