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LLC “Svoy Pocherk Company” and “Firebird” film rolling firm first held “Days of Russian Cinema in Montenegro” from 18th to 24th of October with the assistance of the Montenegrin Embassy in Russian Federation, Royal Theatre Zetski Dom, Ministry of culture of Russian Federation, Ministry of culture of Montenegro, Filmmakers’ Union of Montenegro and LCC “Airlines “MOSKOVIYA” official carrier of the “Days…” .


Films were shown in the cinemas of three towns in Montenegro (Cetinje, Kotor and Bijelo Pole).  The creators of the film program made it so that all the genres of cinematograph were presented: from historical movie “Turkish Gambit” and military-fantastic film “We are from future” to social drama “Heirs” and lyric melodrama “From nowhere with love or funny funeral”. Questions of tolerance, urgent today are risen in such films as “The Erne” and “The Wedding Chest”. Spectators got acquainted with the animation of the Centre of National Film and producers’ center “Pygmalion”. The program of documentaries was also presented. The documentaries were devoted to the monuments of Moscow and on spiritual theme. Documentaries were presented by “Astra”, “Collection 1992” studio and the Central Studio of Documentaries “XXI”.



The organizers of the “Days…” held the Press Conference in the Ministry of culture at the eve of the event. The Ambassador of Montenegro in Russian Federation Slobodan Backovic, the representative of the Ministry of culture Andrei Samsonov, Second Secretary of the

Embassy of Montenegro Ratka Grigorova, actors Alexander Oleshko, Vladimir Kachan, Eugenia Guseva, Yulia Galkina, Said Dashuk-Nigmatulin, Dmitriy Volkostrelov, Vera Alekseeva, Vladimir Eremin, filmmakers Andrei Malyukov, Vladimir Moon, Vladimir Fokin, Konstantin Odegov and the representatives of the producers’ center “Pygmalion”, Center of National Film, “Astra’ studio, “The Voice of Russia” radio and the Central Studio of Documentaries “XXI”.


The Ambassador of Russian Federation in Montenegro Yakov Gerasimov spoke out at the Opening Ceremony of the “Days…”. He remarked the big importance of the “Days…” opening ceremony in Cetinje, because in two years right here the 300 anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Montenegro will be celebrated. He wished success to the organizers and good films and pleasure for the spectators.



The representative of the Ministry of culture Andrei Samsonov awarded the most famous filmmaker from Montenegro Velko Bulajic with the prize “For contribution in friendship between people from Russia and Montenegro”. The prize was presented by Gusevsky Christal Plant.Velko Bulajic is a famous filmmaker, the author of “Struggle on Neretva”, that was nominated for Oscar in 1969 and Sergei Bondarchuk, the famous Russian filmmaker and actor, had the leading role in the movie.  



Velko Bulajic thanked Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation for such  an honor and remembered how Russian viewers liked his movie “The train without the timetable”. And then he consumed that Russian viewers liked his films more than anyone else. The most valuable present for him is a bow with the Stalingrad ground that Russian people presented him.


The same prize was given to Janik Fayziev, the director of “Turkish Gambit” by the chairwoman of the Filmmakers’ Union of Montenegro Marija Perovic. But the filmmaker himself is very occupied now and that’s why Andrey Samsonov received the prize for him.  


Vladimir Moon, the filmmaker, co-script writer and operator of “The Erne” presented the OST of “The Erne” the song “Sky”. When he was singing spectators enjoyed the beautiful episodes from “The Erne” at his back.  

Viewers in Montenegro had an opportunity to see Vladimir Moon’s debut film before Russian spectators because “The Erne” was shown in Russia only within the frameworks of the XXX Moscow International Film Festival’s Russian Film Programs. The film had a great success in all three towns in Montenegro.


“Days of Russian Film in Montenegro” closed on the 24th of October with Andrei Malyukov’s film “We are from Future” that was presented to the audience by one of the leading actors of the movie Dmitry Volkostrelov. “It is very pleasant and important for me that the film raises interest not only in Russia, but in other countries as well. But it is not surprising considering the fact that Montenegrins fought in World War II as well as Russians. And their heroes are not less worth memory and respect than ours”.

After the film the guests listened to the concert of Montenegrin songs with great pleasure. The concert was organized by the executive of the Royal Theatre Slobodan Bozovic.

Not only new Russian films, cartoons and documentaries were shown within the frameworks of the event. The round table and informal meetings were held.  During them people found out many interesting things about each other’s culture of cinema and discussed the possibilities of cooperation.

The filmmaker Vladimir Fokin and the actor Vladimir Eremin held a master-class in the Cinema Academy in Cetinje.

As a result it was decided to hold the same event in Moscow, to show the retrospectives of Velko Bulajic and modern Montenegrin films, documentaries and animation.  


There was the exhibition “Orthodox Russia of the famous Russian photographer Gennady Smirnov in the Royal Theatre during the “Days…”.  Long before Gennady’s arrival in Montenegro Alexi II, the patriarch of Moscow and the whole Russia gifted his album to the country’s president Philipp Vujanovic within the framework of the program “the voices of Orthodox Russia in Montenegro”.


There was a charity action within the frameworks of the “Days of Russian Film in Montenegro”. The film “We are from future” and several animation films were shown at school in Budva and children had an opportunity to talk with the leading film actor Dmitry Volkostrelov and  the event organizers Alfia Chebotareva, the General executive of LLC “Svoy pocherk company” and Elena Gileva, the General executive of  “Firebird” film rolling firm. 

Montenegrin and Russian filmmakers decided to make the event annual, moreover the negotiations about holding the First Mediterranean Animation Film Festival in June 2009 in Budva were held.













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