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Rudolf Nureev. The rebellious demon.

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Since October the 17 the documentary about life and creativity of the great dancer of the XX-th century Rudolf Nureev is released across all Russia. Further shootings of the feature fiction and a TV series according to the scenario written on the basis of a 50-hour working material, collected in the course of shooting of a documentary picture are planned. The producing of the project is conducted by group of producers of Russia, France and Great Britain. Besides expected support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and producer means, the innovative way of collect the people’s funds on the Internet (crowd funding) together with a site is also applied. The series of the closed displays for business elite, art workers and secular public is also planned in period of release.

The premiere took place! Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan and Ufa gave start! The week-end on October the 18-20 of can be considered like a significant date in the history of new documentary cinema in Russia.The movie "Rudolf Nureev. The Rebellious demon" is in the all over Russian release these days. Even if to lay aside that fact that emergence of any not fiction film on screens of movie it already an event, the movie about Nureev is the first documentary is releasing with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The significant event was celebrated by premier displays in Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan and on the small Homeland of the great dancer from Ufa. The event caused a resonance in the art world, and, certainly, attracted both talents, and admirers of the Russian ballet. The film was presented by the producer Alfiya Chebotaryova and the national actor of Russia Andris Liyepa in Moscow and Petersburg. The release will be accompanied by the closed displays for cultural figures and fashion society.

The documentary films today, as well as the ballet, has nature of elite entertainment. The similar displays collect in halls the thinking public, the journalists, those who decides today the destinies of domestic culture. In the long term, the project about Rudolf Nureev is a feature film and a TV series, but it begins with the release of a documentary tape. And in this sense the project is doubly elite. At the same time with the release, the creative group plans the closed displays together with the various cultural organizations and communities, with participation of representations of the well-known luxury brands and business elite.The producers count that the such promo-company will help them also in search of additional resources for shootings of the full-length game version and a TV series.

October 14. Moscow. GUM.

The premier display in Moscow took place at the most central cinema of the country - in a GUM to The elite situation of a compact hall in the heart of the capital (only 80 and few places! ) I became an ideal background for a preview premiere. Among the guests in the foyer cultural figures, soloists of the State Academic Bolshoi theater of Russia, representatives of the ministries and embassies and, patriotically come to honor memory of the great fellow countryman, representatives of plenipotentiary representation of the Republic of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan were noticed. The movie was submitted by the producer Alfiya Chebotaryova and the National actor of Russia Andris Liyepa, acted with an opening speech before a session. The atmosphere of evening was respectable and not noisy. The best start for the Russian release of a film about the great Nureev couldn't be thought up! The leading distributor of alcoholic products in Russia, the «Luding» company, acted as the partner of the cocktail, organized before a session. In addition to elegant snack,the guests treated to dry wines with personal distillery Al Bano's Italian star, and the necessary note of the Russian character was given to evening by tasting of the first-class KREMLIN vodka accompanied by fresh strawberry and juicy powder with the maintenance of chili pepper! Certainly, the discussion of shootings of fiction and the further prospects of the extraordinary project in the Russian and international release became an important component of evening. At the same time from the beginning of the Russian release the European distributors addressed to founders of the movie with offers to release it in other countries. They already saw the movie about Nureev within the 66-th film festival in Cannes. And it was pleasant to them!

October 15. Sankt-Petersburg. Aurora.

The founders of a film and the admirers of the nureevsky genius were accepted by the oldest cinema hall "Aurora" in Petersburg. To present the works in "Aurora",The masters not only native, but also a world cinema consider as honor to present the works in «Aurora». This year the legendary cinema hall, opened in 1913 situated opposite to Anichkov Palace, celebrates the 100-th anniversary. The «sold-out» notice and the ovations at the oldest cinema hall of Petersburg The St. Petersburg public was prepared for the premiere of the documentary «Rudolf Nureev. The Rebellious demon» in advance.

On the eve of a premiere with the absolute «sold-out» notice in "Aurora", passed the movie-ballet "The Swan Lake" with Nureev in the main party. The movie was specially restored and adapted for demonstration on the big screen and collected a packed holl. At the same time, the American blockbuster been in the release shortly before, showed the attendance slightly more than 30 percent. The cultural capital of Russia surpassed all expectations! In a premiere of our movie "Rudolf Nureev. The rebellious demon" the hall was so full as well.

Remembering the «sold-out» notice "The Swan Lake", the administration allocated the Big hall with a capacity of 500 people for a premiere.The forecasts came true! The admirers of the great dancer captivated the cinema hall to the full and upon termination of a session of halls, as well as it befits a successful premiere, blew up a long ovation!

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