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Documentary film "Rudolf Nureyev. Rebellious demon"

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The cinema company Svoy pocherk completed a work on the full-length documentary "Rudolf Nureev. The rebellious demon" which is devoted to 75-year jubilee of the greatest ballet dancer and since October the 17 of 2013 let out it in a wide release in Russia, the CIS and abroad. For the first time in Post-Soviet period the documentary, filmed in Russia, leaves in such wide release! The leading actor in the movie - is the National actor of Russia and the soloist of the ballet Andris Liyepa. The tape is already noted by many Russian and international film festivals, received a set of positive reviews of film critics and known people. The director of the ballet of the Parisian opera Brigitte Lefebvre, the art director of the ballet of the National opera of Bordeaux Charles Jude, the director Roman Viktyuk, the Nureevs youth friend Tamara Zakrzhevskaya and his many other friends, partners, pupils, ballet critics tell about a legend of the ballet of the XX-th century in the movie. The shootings took place in Ufa, Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Paris. According to the director of the documentary Tatyana Malova, the repeated laureate of award TEFI, the academician of the Russian television Academy the documentary "Rudolf Nureev. The rebellious demon" is a story about a way of the boy from a poor Ufa family to world ballet platforms... ". The documentary took part on the IX-th International Film festival in Kazan (September 2013), on the Moscow International Film festival (the 35th MMKF), was presentes in the festival program "Days of the Russian documentary cinema in New-York (October the 4-6 of 2013). Besides, the documentary and the project of fiction about Rudolf Nureev, were presented in "The Russian pavilion" of International Cannes Film festival in May, 2013, on "Week of the Russian cinema" in Paris (on November the 17 of 2013), on film festivals "Male role" in Penza, on "the Russian abroad" in Moscow. And it, certainly, not all... Now our company continues the conceived grandiose international project, which, except the documentary filmed, includes still the fiction and a TV series about Rudolf Nureev's life. After all, the name of this great dancer, still, is a little known in our country, many years were under a ban. The Agreements with French and English co-producers Antoine de Clermont Tonnere and Neil McCartney are signed. Antoine de Clermont Tonnere - one of the famous producers in the world, worked with Federico Fellini, long time was headed by YuNIFRANS. The negotiations with co-producers in America are conducted, we hope also for the help of the Ministries of culture of the Russian Federation, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. And it, also, not all. We very much hope to raise funds for highly budgetary project (the budget only the movie - is 7 mil. Euro) by means of people, a so-called crowd funding. For this purpose on a public site "Planeta.Ru" we opened the special page devoted to our project. Welcome to read the details as well:


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