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On the 66-th International Cannes film festival the film project of the "Svoy pocherk" company "RUDOLF NUREEV. The BEGINNING" (the working name) was selected by organizers of the Russian pavilion for the presentation and for the participation in Producer's Network. The presentation took place on May the 20-th. The producer Alfiya Chebotaryova, the scriptwriter - Evgeny Tirdatova, the co-producer from France Antoine de Clermont Tonnere and the co-producer from England Neil McCartney took part in the presentation of the project. After the demonstration of a spot, Alfiya Chebotaryova presented the project, having told in brief about its background – the shootings and the successful conclusion of the documentary "Rudolf Nureev. The rebellious demon", created with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, allowed to collect a unique material about Rudolf Nureev's life and creativity, been the basis for the scenario of the fiction film and a TV series about a ballet star. The documentary film was presented at this time in the Cannes film market «Marche du Film». Further, the scriptwriter Evgeny Tirdatova have taken the floor and told about a plan of the movie and those components which can attract and already involved the foreign co-producers. The co-producer from the French part Antoine de Clermont Tonnere, the president or a film studio the «MAST Productions», for the long time been in a head of the UniFrance, expressed to the «Svoy pocherk» company his recognition for the invitation in the most interesting project. He noted that the name of Rudolf Nureev is highly in honor in France, who, afterwards, made a big contribution to the development of the French ballet, brought the Paris Grand-Opera to the new level. But the Nureev’s French admirers know not enough about his childhood and youth. Therefore the biographic feature film «Rudolf Nureev. The beginning» will be to the French and not only to the French the very interesting. In return he undertakes to attract the money for the project the implementation, including the Canal+, the Arte and the other financial sources. The confidence of interest to the fiction and to the TV-series in England was expressed by the second foreign partner of the company Neil McCartney, the director of a film studio the «McCartney Media Limited». In the completion of the presentation the speech was taken by the representative of a sponsor from S-Petersbourg, the PR director of «Ambassador» hotel Olga Vankicheva, having told about the sponsor’s support given to the documentary film of the company and the intention to participate in her present fiction’s projects as movie action on a plot will take place in Petersburg. She told to the guests that the «Ambassador», being event hotel, actively participates in cultural life of Petersburg. The creative evenings, including «An opening day of arts in «Ambassador», taking places in the hotel. On these evenings the different types of arts – the ballet, the cinema, the music, the painting, the poetry are represented. The Russian and foreign cultural figures taking part in them. The hotel was the sponsor of the Russian and foreign movies, such as «The Key of the Salamander», «The Zhangir», «The Knights of the sky» and others. The very first press-display of the documentary about Rudolf Nureev of the «Svoy pocherk» company in January of this year with Andris Liyepa’s participation, the rightly been the leading in a film took place in «Ambassador». The brochures with the description of the project were distributed to each being in a presentation. Following the results of the presentations the project about Rudolf Nureev was recognized by organizers of the Russian pavilion the most professional and interesting.


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