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On the night of  August,14/15 2009 in the cinema theatre “Khudozhestvenniy” the second “Cinema Adorers` Night” took place.  This time sleepless film-goers familiarized with pictures by  prize-winners of XVI Open Festival of  Student and Debut Films “St.Anna”.


Friday evening slowly turning into night was not favorable at all for thinking about something serious and important. All the guests felt that way drinking free beer before going to showing room and picking up rhythms set by DJ in foyer. Nevertheless after screening the first film called  “Lightning Bugs Came Running”, graduate work of Highest Film Directors Courses graduate Olga Shebunyaeva,  real film-goers begin seriously discuss about modern family problems. Black-and-white short film by Mikhail Rubtsov “Clock Without Hands” cinematized George Orwell`s novel «1984». Audience was not informed of it before the screening, therefore many spectators thought that film tells about Soviet reality. Some people were resent offending their “motherland”, but after the speech of film`s creator peace and understanding triumphed in showing room. Director  Ella Manzheeva suggested the audience to look into depths of woman`s soul. In her film “Woman`s Inside Is Like Steppe” characters do not say a word – nature tells all in its beautiful language.  During fourteen minutes (it s the film`s timing) film-goers admired mysterious steppe landscapes.


 In the break guests were greeted by musicians including Anton Zatsepin, Maksim Volkov (group A-mega), groups «ID», «4FUN» and “NONADAPTANTY”. Then cinema adorers watched documentary by Matvey Troshinkin “Why Your Faith Is So Weak?”, feature film “Early Thaw”  by director  Pavel Drozdov and animation films “Money” by Anastasiya Zhuravleva, "O sole mio!" by Tatiana and Olga  Poleektovs.



One of event`s organizers, producer of Svoy Pocherk Company Alfiya Chebotareva told about difficulties they had with films selection. “We did not expect that it would be so difficult to deal with VGIK. Directors of films-winners of XVI Open Festival of  Student and Debut Films “St.Anna” gave their written consent to show their works. Nevertheless in VGIK they refused to give us the films alleging that “Cinema Adorers` Night” is commercial event. Alas, we did not screen today any “St.Anna”`s film-winner which was made by students and graduates of VGIK”.



Program of next “Cinema Adorers` Night” yet is unknown. One thing is certain – September event will be striking and memorable.  Keep an eye on our announcements!














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