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1.  «MEGACITY» production: Russia.

Time: 90 min, 2007yr.

Director: Ella Arkhangelskaya

Script: Ann Vital.  

Cast: Ilya Sherbinin (Tima), Eugeniya Guseva (Anna), Nikolai Tokarev(«At a brisk place", «Myth about an ideal man», «Daughters-mothers»(serial), «The thief, the thief 2 (serial)  (Semyon), Sergei Yukin (Daddy), Dasha Nedostup (Red hair) etc.

Melodrama. It’s a story of Anna the young independent woman, a succeeding realtor and her little son, who occasionally got lost in the big city “jungles”. 

 The separation with her son, and the searches of him without any result became the shock to Anna. Before this her only problem had been the search of a man for living together.

  Revaluation of values of an adult person and the sufferings of the small 5 years old boy make just the route to the understanding of the main thing – the responsibility for children, whom we gave birth to, reminding of the huge love of parents’ and children’s love, that is capable to overcome all the difficulties and sufferings and that is so rare in the modern world.

 Anna finds her son. They are together again. The child’s eyes shine with happiness and rest.

…And on her way to reunion with her son Anna meets the only man, an artist, who is able to understand, support and fall in love with this woman, lost in big city “jungles”.


2. «YARIK» production: Russia.

Time: 78 min, 2007 yr.

Script: Andrei Sherbinin with the participation of Cecile Anry

Directors: Cecile Anry, Alexander Laslo

Composer: Vadim Sher

Producer: Konstantin Serebryakov

Co-producers: Vadim Goryainov, Dmitri Sazhin, Cecile Anry, Malis Atamkulov, Alexander Vartanov, Colin Herot

Cast: Maxim Kolesnikov, Anatoly Belyi, Armen Dzhidarkhanyan, Dmitri Persin, Helen Ksenofontova, Mikhail Gorevoy, Anna Ukolova, etc.

Yaroslav the main character of the film is about six years old. He came to Moscow with his Mother to visit his Father. His mother goes to buy something to eat for Yarik and… doesn’t come back. The child rests completely alone in the big and severe city.

Andrei Sherbinin, a script-writer wrote “Yarik the Robinson” in 2004. The story is based on real events that happened to Andrei himself. Occasionally he met with a ten-year old homeless child Andryusha. Andrei as the main character of the movie Boris tried to help the boy. The majority of scenes where participated Boris and Yarik are taken from life and Andrei duplicated many monologues.

He devoted this story to his son. Andrei hopes that life will be more fair to small Antosha than to Yarik.


“THE ERNE” production: Russia.

Time: 100 min, 2008 yr.

Scriptwriter: Semen Egay with participation of Farid Davletshin, Vladimir Mun

Director-producer: Vladimir Mun
Director: Farid Davletshin
Composer: Vladimir Mun
Producers: Alfiya Chebotareva and Vladimir Mun
Cast: Said Dashuk-Nigmatulin (Bakhtiyar), Vera Alekseeva (Alisa), Semen Egay (Kim Sen), Anatoliy Kuznetsov (Anatoliy Borisovich), Karim Mirkhodiev (Said) and others.
Breathtaking action-thriller, history flash-back, love story and melodrama are harmonically combined in the film.

Petroleum tycoon ordered an erne nestling – very rare red-listed bird - to be captured for him. This outlaw and very dangerous job is given to Bakhtiyar, who is deeply in debt to petroleum mafia. He and his beloved Alisa, photojournalist from Moscow, go to Central Asia to look for little erne. As a result they find not only the erne nestling, but also grandson of petroleum tycoon, who repudiated the boy years ago. Boy was brought up by grandfather, the guide Kim Sen who helps Bakhtiyar, but dies in the desert. Remembering ancient civilizations’ history and wisdom of ancient people, desert stands on the guard of nature and cruelly punishes those who try to encroach on its laws. Bakhtiyar looses his life for his mistake. Only Alisa is saved by ancient amulet, gift of Bakhtiyar.




Time: 44 min, 2008 yr.

Author: Vilen Vizilter,

Director: Alexander Fetisov,

Production: LLC «Svoy pocherk Company», Russia

The rubbish collectors found the bode of the refugee at one of the rubbish piles in Omsk in 1985. It turned out to be Arkadiy Kutilov. But though nobody answered the announcement, he was buried with other refugees in the common grave.  That’s how one of the most outstanding poets of the sunset of Soviet Époque finished his days. It can be said without any exaggeration that he is the new Russian Francois Villion. 

Eugeniy Evtushenko reminds in “the Stanzas of the Century” how the painters from Omsk interrupted him with reading the poems of his compatriot who died so early and was not seen by the capital’s magazines and critics. Numerous admirers of his talent in Omsk picked up the pieces of papers with the lines of his poems and kept them as objects of worship. But they didn’t save the poet himself, though they preserved his poems for descendants. His poesies suitably ended the Century which beginning is called the Silver one.   


Time: 52 min, 2008 yr.

Authors: Marat Gaynulin, Larisa Malyukova,

Director: marat Gaynulin,

Production: LLC «Svoy pocherk Company», Russia


           This film is about Fyodor Hitruk, the patriarch of Russian animation. He is our contemporary, the founder of Russian author’s animation school, classic at the level of Walt Disney. But it turned out/ that we do not know many facts about Fyodor Hitruk, the great cartoonist. It was the first time when he gave a frank and sincere interview and not only spoke about all his films, but about the events, that he didn’t want to speak earlier, but which will always be in his memory.

The film is constructed firstly on the memories of Fyodor Hitruk himself and then on his students’, such as Yuri Norstein, Alexei Demin, Eduard Nazarov’s memories. Alexander Tatarskiy gives his last interview before the sudden death. 

Moreover, you will see the actors, whose voices Fyoudor used as the voices of his drawn characters. You will see the actress Inna Savina. But its not the parade of talking heads. The episodes of cinema chronics are supplemented by these or those periods of Hitruk’s life and his coming into being an Artist. And the episodes of his films show the panorama of his creativity.  

           Chronics, his own shooting, cartoons/ fragments and the photo archives of Soyuzmultfilm, animation Museum and personal archives of the participants are used in the film.    



Time: 44 min, 2008 yr.

Author: Nataliya Levykina,

Director: Elena Bukanova,

Production: LLC «Svoy pocherk Company», Russia

The diaries of the great Russian theatre actor Anatoliy Ktorov, that he has since he was 14 (since 1913) became the foundation of that documentary. This fact is the real sensation. Nobody from his nearest and dearest knew that he had this dairy. And the sensation is that there are only small documentary shootings about the life of this marvelous actor, who played hundreds of genial roles in the films and performances. 

He didn’t give a single interview to the journalists during all his long life (Ktorov died at the age of 82).  Meanwhile his diaries open the new view not only to the history of Moscow Academic theatre, where he worked but to the meaning of the Soviet Theatre in the Country’s History. His diaries may be only compared to the “Theatre Novel” of Mikhail Bulgakov.

The film is an attempt to look deep in the actor’s soul. It is constructed parallel on the actor’s diary and the monologue of “Tender Liar”.  

Fragments from performances and feature films with the participation of Ktorov, phonograms of poems and radio transmissions from the Russian Archieve of SoundRecording, film- and photo- documents, photo materials, the domestic materials of Soviet Actors Ktorov and Gribov o were used for the film creation.



Time: 52 min.

Script: Vilen Vizilter

Director: Alexander Fetisov

Zoya Voskresenskaya could have turned 100 years in 2007.

Zoya was awarded with the State Award of the USSR. The writer was so highly awarded for the cycle of books on the life of Vladimir Lenin, the circulation of which was bigger than the circulation of books, that Lenin wrote himself.  Feature films were made after these books. Such as ‘Through the icy darkness”, 1964 yr, Dir. Koltsatyi, “Mother’s heart”, “Mother’s fidelity” and “Hope” – the trilogy of Mark Donskoy. Her stories are included to all school books, she is officially called “the grandmother of soviet pioneers”. This outstanding woman seemed to achieve everything possible fir the woman in the Soviet Union

And nobody knows that Zoya Voskresenskaya is the ex-scout that gave 25 years of her life to working in NKVD.

The unique materials of the literature matter “Zateya” that were presented for the first time by the scout’s press-office are used in the film.


5. «HELLO. CIRCUS» documentary serial

Time: 5 series 26 min  each, 2007 yr.

- «Kazan circus»

Program about circus in Kazan city about it’s history, the circus today and the people, who devoted their life to it.

Kazan citizens, circus staff and artists participate in the film.

Circus performances from the program “Russian fun” are managed by Vyacheslav Chernievsky, who was awarded by circus “Oskar”.

- «St. –Petersburg circus»

Program about circus in St-Petersburg city about it’s history, the circus today and the people, who devoted their life to it.

St-Petersburg citizens, circus staff and artists participate in the film.

Circus performances from the program “Stars Kaleidoscope” are managed by Taisiya Kornilova.

- «Ryazan circus»

Program about circus in Ryazan city about it’s history, the circus today and the people, who devoted their life to it.

Ryazan citizens, circus staff and artists participate in the film.

Circus performances from the program “Exotic animals” are managed by Tigran Akopyan.

- «Tula circus»

Program about circus in Tula city about it’s history, the circus today and the people, who devoted their life to it.

Tula citizens, circus staff and artists participate in the film.

Circus performances from the program “Dzhigits from Rio” are managed by Nataliya Yakubova.

- «Kostroma circus»

Program about circus in Kostorma city about it’s history, the circus today and the people, who devoted their life to it.

Kostroma citizens, circus staff and artists participate in the film.

Circus performances from the program “The world of animals – the world of friends” are managed by Vitalii Tikhonov.





Time: 10 min

Production: Азербайджан, 2005г.

Director: Taymur Danmy

Azerbaijan has always been famous for petrol. People there has always lived according to the idea that petrol is the source of all the happiness and that it is the most important thing for the economy flourishing. The fil points out the strong contradictions between the myth and the reality.



Time: 44 min

Production: Russia, 2006 yr

Director, scriptwriter – Olga Stefanova

Film– participant of  Docs for Sale IDFA 2006 , – Felix Svetov’s prize at Stalker Festival 2006

Even if you know that the real truth doesn’t exist and you will never find it, you shouldn’t stop searching for it. From time to time you understand that it is not necessary to know everything in detail, but it is necessary to be near and to understand that it can happen once more, and this time with anyone of us.


3. «WOMEN’S ALPHABET»           

Time: 20 min

Production: Russia, 2006 yr.

Director: Andrei Cherpin Irma Komladze.

Script: Andrei Cherpin Irma Komladze

Three women talk about love, death, motherhood and loneliness. They are all around fifty. What turned out to be the main point of their lives? Did they love? Was the destiny the answer to all these questions?

Poetic thoughts about their monologues provocated the creation of synthesis of the documentary story and author’s video art.



Time: 39 min

Production: Russia, 2006 yr.

Director: Anna Dranitsyna

The film tells the viewers about lives of the participants of the reality show “Behind the glass”. Guys went to participate in the serial for youngsters and were locked in the glass house for 1,5 month. For leaving the show they had to pay 5 000 dollars according to the contract. A funny adventure turned out to be the psychological trauma.



Production: Russia, 2006 yr.

Time: 26min

Director, script: Pyotr Kozhevnikov

Citizens of former Soviet republics and other countries went to St. – Petersburg for the better life. They try to live in better conditions, but they face migration services, police, etc.


Time: 19 min

Production: Russia, 2006 yr.

Director: Husan Abdelgann

People think about evil and kindness and why people kill each other at Avel’s grave


7. «USER»

Time: 22 min

Production: Russia, 2005 yr.

Director, script: Anna Dranitsyna

User works in the office all day long and uses the advantages of civilization for it. We all live according to a program, that fortunately sometimes stops working. Someone, who invented this program didn’ t understand, that everyone has his own thoughts…





Time: 91 program  26 min each, 2004 yr.

Program is in the production and the quantity of series rises. Enterntraining program about eastern fighting and about the fight philosophy. It is said about eastern traditions and customs in the program as well. The viewer finds out everything about the samurai life (tea ceremony, traditional cuisine, etc.)



Time: 55 min, 2007yr.     

Summer came. “Bright summer”, “Light summer”, “Hot summer” and “Red Summer”. The most waited  season in peasants’ and peoples’ cycle of customs and holidays. There are plenty of proverbs about this season, that characterize it nicely.

«Summer will see you off to work, you won’t sing any »

«It’s not the hammer who feeds the man, but summer job»

«Summer food on the winter table»

«You will pass winter with what you gathered in summer »

The end of spring and the beginning of summer is the period of “Green Svyatki” between “Troica” and “Petrov day”.

The holiday of Troica and the following Rusalnaya or Dukhovskaya week were considered to be the end of spring and from “Petrov day” – 12th of July nature started preparing for  winter, according to peasants stories.  Ivanov Day – the day of summer sunset became the Culmination of “Green Svyatki”.



Time: 55 min, 2007yr.

One of the brightest and most beautiful holidays in Russia is Christmas, before Christmas there is the Great Christmas Post, that lasts 40 days and finishes on Christmas.

Christmas-tide follows Christmas the most interesting and wonderful period. Guessing is the main occupation for the Christmas-tide.

Christening closes the winter holiday period. At the eve of Christening dead were remembered, people swam in the ice-hole and organized “Bride Fairs”. The water that was consecrated during Christening was called saint and was considered curative all year round.



Time:  65 min, 2006 yr.

“Music Arsenal” Company held “Mapex-Day” the first and the biggest Drummers show in St. Petersburg on the 2nd of October 2005. Professional Drummers such as Mikhail Kraev (ZVERI), Sergei navetny (Ex-SPLIN) and Pyotr Ivshin (Yulia Savicheva).

Moreover famous groups such as Tequilajazz and Msrksheider Kunst took part in the show.   

Strong drum show lasted more then 4 hours. There was wonderful music, popular group performances, questions to singers and their humorous answers. This program represents the best episodes of the concert.



Time: 90 min,  2007yr.


6. «views. phenomenolagy. (xx century chronics)» (documentary)

Time: 50 min, 2002 yr.

Documentary, based on unique archieve material, filmed in Russia during the XX century. During all this period the man watched in the camera and the camera watched at the man. Their relations changed a lot. It turned out that the look of the documentary film camera has a great impact on the man and his perception of life.

Author says that the film is the reflection of the true eyes of people in the mirror of cinema chronics on the occasion of the ending of the first century of cinematography. You will see in the film the materials from the 1900 year, that are unique and have never been used before. Authors worked with the materials for 5 years.


7. «petersburger»

Time: 120 min., 1998 yr.

The film is devoted to history, culture and architecture of St.- Petersburg. It is considered to be one of the best films about the city.

St. – Petersburg:

Petropavlovskaya Fortress, Neva, First palaces of St.-Petersburg, GTardens and parks, Admiralty, Architecture ensembles, The Exchange Square, The Cooper horseman, Senat Square, palace Square, Mikhailovskaya Square..





Time: 60 min, 2005 yr.

This unique film is devoted to the triumph of soviet and Russian football. During one hour you will see the best goals of Russian and Soviet team at the world championships of 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994. You will see the legends of Russian and Soviet football, such as Anatoliy Ilyin, Leo Yashin, Mikhail Meskhi, oleg Blokhin, etc.


2. «great commanders. alexander makedonsky»

Time: 57 min, 2005 yr.

He created the great Empire, that was destroyed just after his death. He brought many troubles, but he became the hero of myths for all the times. He has two lives. One lasted only for 32 years another turned out to be endless.



Time: 55 min, 2005 yr.

Caesar belongs to these rare elects of history, whose image is always bright and whose glory lives through centuries. He was an outstanding commander, a political figure and a well-rounded man of genius. That is how he is considered by generations. But is it really true?and was it considered like this always?And was it always considered like this?


4. «the history of soviet team at the european football championships »

Time: 65 min,  2006 yr.


5. «history of russian aviation»

Time: 52 min


First film. Il-2. Life history
"... IL-2 became the most massive and reliable Soviet military airplane. This plane was created at the eve of the war but his constructive and technical scheme couldn’t be represented in any of the world’s countries. It showed the great efficiency during the war and reliability after it.

Second film. Yak Family
It was decided to ameliorate the technical conditions of Yak-1 in 1943 and as a result Yak-3 appeared. This plane had perfect Flying Technical characteristics, but it was not used practically till the end of the war because it was not considered reliable and efficient in battles. Only in the second decade of 1944 soldiers started using it. But it didn’t get rid of all it’s disadvantages. All modifications of Yak during the war (Yak-1, yak-3 and yak-9) are presented in the film


6. «best soviet matches at world-cups. world cup 1958. englandussr (0:1).”

Time: 93 min.


7. «best soviet matches at world-cups. world cup 1966 . ussr - italy(0:1).”

Time: 90 min.


8. «learning to play tennis»

Time: 60 min,  2002 yr.

Unique program that helps to learn to play tennis based on the original method of Yuriy Ayvazyan, the vice-president of Moscow Tennis Association, Deserved trainer of the Russian Federation. It lets people at the age of 5-50 start playing tennis. Vitaliy Polyotov, the champion of the Soviet Union and Maria Shtyrova, the junior Champion of the Russian Federation. The program includes 20 exercises and recommendations on the choice of the equipment according to the doctors’ recommendation. 


9. «strip-show: erotic miniature»

Time: 60 min

Wild cat and tender mouse, insatiable bride and artful prostitute, vicious red Hat and Sexy Spider-woman – you will see them all in this extraordinary film, created as a cocktail made of erotic strip-fantasies from famous musicles, such as Cats, Chicago, Cabaret, etc. 


10. «erotic photo»

Time: 23 min, 2001 yr.

You just start to make photos? You have been making photos for a long time, but you have still some problems with the light? You manage to succeed, but you want to receive outstanding effects and you do not know how to make them with ordinary equipment? Anyway, it doesn’t matter on which stage of photography you are, you will really enjoy the film. After seeing it, you will be able to find out many interesting things in the photography world and surprise your friends with an unexpected technical decision with the help of the famous Serbian Photographer Branislav Filipovic. But if you are already a master and you know everything about photography you may be just interested by the picturesque movie.


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